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Unless otherwise agreed the the Fitting and service operations listed here are in relation to the vehicles: Talbot Express, Citroen C25, Peugeot J5 and Fiat Ducato up to March 1994 manufacture year.    

All fitting is by appointment only.

LHD A-CLASS vans - I do NOT fit to these vans.
RHD A-Class = OK,  
LHD normal cab = OK

Van Conversion   Coachbuilt    A-Class
 HighTop van  Coachbuilt  Hightop


Fitting Notes:

  1. I work to an agreed price irrespective of how long the job takes. That way I am under no pressure to rush so can take my time to do a quality job, and  you don't get any unpleasant surprises

  2. Payment is in cash (preferred) on the day, or bank transfer, or Paypal "Gift" only. No Cheques or eCheques or IOUs of any kind :-)  A receipt can be provided if required. .

  3. I prefer to start early, typically at 08:15 - 08:30 . Fridays are preferred but other Weekdays/times can be accommodated on request, especially during school holidays.

  4. I work outside so fitting services are restricted over winter depending on the weather (typically December - February). Fitting tasks may be possible during this time so DO get in touch if you need to.

  5. Please note that I specialise in gear linkage work (plus gearbox/engine oil changes, clutch cables fitted and mountings), but I am not interested in doing other mechanical work.   

The Examples below are the FITTED charges for supply and fitting and setting up specific items, both on their own and as part of a larger job
Standard Jobs   

FITTED PRICE (Parts and Labour)

In addition to the Basic upgrade package


Basic Upgrade Package: 
  • Modified Sleeved collar and
  • Modified Relay and
  • Set of 3 Linkage arms and
  • set up.
270 n/a

This is the minimum recommended Standard upgrade package.
Most vehicles do also require the base of gear lever work below)

Modified Idler Relay + setup 150 n/a
Modified Sleeved Collar   + setup 150 n/a
Rear engine Mounting 60 40  

Gear Linkage arms ( Set of 3)

70 n/a  

Overhaul base of gear lever (87-onwards style ) - Removal, drilling base of gear lever and modifying steel bushes, new bolt etc and set up

100 60
Overhaul base of gear lever (Pre 87- style ) - individually assessed but does NOT involve welding.  100

up to 60

It may not be possible depending on what is wrong, and cannot be guaranteed to last either due to flawed design.

Fitting Side mounting(s) Not undertaken Not undertaken  I SUPPLY  the side mountings if required but will NOT fit them here.

Special Jobs

CLUTCH CABLE Supply and Fit
(I only carry a small supply of cables so please check in advance if you want this done).

Early style - £60
Later Style - £50



 Will include new nuts on clutch cable, and adjusted to the same height as presented.
Time require - 1 hour

Gearbox and differential oil change

Drain and refill with 1.6 Litres of appropriate oil (80w-90 Mineral oil to GL4 Specification).




Includes oil and pair of new drain plug washers and environmentally responsible disposal of used oil. 

Engine Oil and Filter change

Drain and refill with Oil of your choice. Includes environmentally friendly disposal of old oil but not supplying the new oil.  
(you can supply the oil and filter OR I will supply it for you ).
(NOT inc materials)

(NOT inc materials)

This does NOT include the cost of Oil and Filter. I always have a suitable supply of new Castrol GTX (or Magnatec) which I can supply at a cost of £6.25 per litre.
Note: Petrol Requires 4L = £25
and Diesels Require 5.6L = £35


Gear linkage fitting time is typically 3-5 hours.  

Domestic Arrangements:

  • You are welcome to stay in the van whilst the work is being undertaken if you wish, however
  • please do NOT chat to me when I'm working  as I need to concentrate,  and definitely no hanging over my shoulder whilst I'm doing it please as that is very off-putting!
  • An electric hook up is available, approx 6Amp. 
  • You can take a 10min uphill walk into Highworth itself, which is quite nice.
  • If you walk or have dog(s) with you there is a large 5-field country park immediately behind the house which is popular with dog walkers,
  • There is a children's playground a few hundred meters away
  • There is a regular Bus service into Swindon (no.7 bus, 40min journey, runs every 15-20 mins) if you want to visit Swindon.

 Full details will be emailed to you.



(i.e. when it is not Raining nor freezing!) 
 email me and we'll see what can be arranged.

please email me ( ) to discuss availability. 


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